Distant Worlds – Chemical Brothers

It is important that we develop our skills in motion graphics and expand our knowledge of the practitioners and the tools they utilised. From the beginning, I have always been interested in 3D modelling and how I could incorporate that into my projects but I had no prior skills in Maya or Blender. After researching Red Giant’s ‘Trapcode Mir’ I was able to follow resources and expand my knowledge of after-effects in a creative way. My first practice run was creating a geometric tunnel which got incorporated into the final piece; I utilised camera nulls, 3D lighting and scene switching.

The strongest element of this piece was the camera going through the tunnels and getting transported into another world. I took inspiration from George Lucas with his creation of the Millenium Falcon hitting hyperdrive. I enjoyed creating the geometric shapes and advancing my knowledge of 3D lighting. 

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VHS 1980

In this experimental piece I was advancing my knowlege of “Trapcode Mir’ and kinetic typography by incorporating a 80’s homage. This piece helped build my skills towards my final piece and allowed me to experiment with 3D modelling, colour schemes, grain and VHS iconography.

Knife Party – Kinetic Type

This experimental piece helped me build the glitch aesthetic that influenced a lot of my work within my first year of University, I decided to follow this pattern as I enjoyed the results I was able to produce and showcase it to those whom surrounded me. This piece helped build my skills around using dynamic transitions, camera nulls and suitable typography.

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