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During Autumn 2017 we worked as a team to develop a brief for Tollymore Activity Centre, produced a promotional video and applied ourselves towards our client’s needs. Throughout this process we created a solid work environment as well as maintaining a high standard of communication between us & the client. During this process we developed our skills to a higher degree and produced a piece that the client was proud to showcase. Throughout this process we researched similar practitioners and drew inspiration from their pieces and applied them to our art.

Designing and creating a short film for Tollymore Activity Centre has been a valuable experience for myself but also my team as we got to experience the process of working for a live client and the persistence towards our craft that goes behind it.

Whenever we established our brief, we were able to allocate sub-deadlines to work towards, especially if the task was time sensitive as we needed to shoot photographs/videos at the scheduled events. Working with the production schedule was intrinsic to co-ordinating our team as certain tasks relied on meeting a deadline, such as, Adam having the Motion Graphics completed for me to include them in the final cut.

The brief we presented allowed us to express how multi-layered the nature of how interactive media is as to how we specialise in certain roles, I was in charge of production which included, producing graphics, kinetic typography, colour grading, photographs & editing the final film using the Adobe Creative Suite.
Albeit across the shoot we did dabble into each-others roles, I took charge of photography on the final shoot of canoeing as Adam was not available, and I assisted in the production of the kinetic typography as the workload was heavy on James. James also experienced being a cameraman at the final shoot and got some amazing slow motion footage of the participants.

We met with the client a total of two times in a formal setting at the Tollymore Activity Centre & SportsNI facility. From the first meeting they told us their vision of how they would like to appeal to a younger audience as their current promotional content was too corporate and did not appeal to the audience they wanted to target. From the second meeting we showed Tollymore our pitch video’s and what aesthetic style they would like to follow, they preferred a grittier style compared to a modern approach and we were happy to align our vision with theirs.
From this meeting we produced two cuts, one with a contemporary drum & bass track & one with a rock upbeat track. This was to elevate which one they felt provided the best way to appeal to their demographic.

We also met the client three times informally at the events we filmed, as well as constant contact through email. This ensured we were making design choices directly in line with client requirements.

At the first event we filmed we had a lot of problems with participants not knowing they were going to be filmed and following the instructors around the track but getting lost. From this experience we requested that a instructor guide us around the forest park to allow us to spend our time wisely and produce a film that the client would be proud to showcase. At the next two events our presence was secure and we were guided around and shown the best locations for filming. It was a pleasure knowing that our client did care about the project we were undertaking, this aspect allowed us to capture better footage and spend more time building an archive.

Throughout our production we did have disagreements on what style of music we would use or which font we should follow. We decided that we would follow a voting system and line up two entities to vote on. This made the design process a lot more inclusive to the group and made sure that nobody felt left out of the project, creating a stable work environment that produced a better end product for the client to showcase.

Overall I felt that the project went well, I enjoyed capturing videos, photographs and grading the footage. We met the clients needs and created a solid working group that specialised in certain areas of production and aligned them all together for a high standard end product. Through producing this video for our client we were able to see through the eyes of somebody else, compared to working for yourself you have your own preferences, where as whenever you’re working for a client you need to meet their needs and communicate your design decisions.

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