UNITE- Student Employment Service.

UNITE- Student Employment Service.

UNITE is a user-generated interactive digital employment service based on a social platform branching into the private/public employment sector delivered and accessed through a subscription model via iPhone & Android Device. The UNITE experience is situated within geolocation areas/miles radius they the user with local graduates that surround them.

Allowing networking on a personal basis of the portfolio of work no matter what sector you’re based in. The employer will define key terms for the searched role based on your description and be able to notice your catalogue of work and knowledge in the industry. UNITE cuts away from the corporate graduate portals & corporate job search.

UNITE is possible with subscription charge marketed towards Universities/employers as an innovative method gain employment and source employees.

The UNITE app is a personalized digital social employment service allowing for seamless connections between graduates and employers cutting away from the corporate world. UNITE will be situated on the Apple IOS store for iPhones and on the Android Market for Android Devices. Each device will deliver the features of the app:

• Geo-Location Personal Profiles • Defined Geo-Location Miles • Instant Messaging/Uploading of Documents • Online Show-Space for Projects • Hosting of CV’s • Defined SEO tags for Graduate Search • Comments to Profile improving (SEO)

UNITE is targeting the millennial market that is graduating from University and potential employers who either utilize the university portal system or use outside sources; by using UNITE it allows for a seamless experience between employer and graduates through geolocation downloaded through the Apple App Store & Android Market.

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